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Have You Read all of these Bonus Stories?

So, I spent a lot of time at the end of last year updating my newsletter, moving all of my bonus stories over to Bookfunnel, and doing loads of behind-the-scenes-authory things that have been on my to-do list forever but because they were such massive jobs, they just kept getting pushed back. You know how it is.

While I was doing all that, it made me think about how every time I share a link to these bonus stories in my newsletters, I get hundreds of people downloading them who I guess didn't know they existed before, even though they're already subscribers with special access! I mean, I get it, who can keep up, right?

So, for anyone who might be missing out, here's a quick post about what's available for newsletter subscribers! Not subscribed, but want one of these bonus-y bad boys? Just click the link to jump aboard and grab your goodies!

If you loved the Brett and Landon in the rockstar stepbrother romance Working out the Kinks, there's a holiday follow up called A Very Kinky Christmas from Brett's POV. Obviously about him finding a way to festively brat it up lol. ;)

If you want more Erik and London from the kinky neighbors-to-lovers romance Hot Mess, there's a spicy bonus story called Delicates about their IRL trip to a certain special store where they very much do not behave themselves.

For fans of Will and Jesse's historical Daddy kink western Looking for Trouble, there's a bonus story called Pickpocket based on something Jesse mentions briefly in the Looking for Trouble epilogue. Stern, serious Will tries his hand at lightening things up with some pickpocket role play. (Special appearance by Captain the dog, of course.)

Want more Austin and Marco from Snowed In with Benefits? In Consequences with Benefits, you get a glimpse at their post-snowed-in life, back in LA. A little role play and a special sweet moment between these two make this bonus story one of my favorites.

And if you need more of Logan and Caleb from the Brat & The Beast, don't miss Teach Me, Daddy, where these two make their way back down to the basement study room and play teacher. After all, Caleb promised. ;)

Like my books, my bonus stories are pretty girthy-- between 20 and 50 pages generally-- and while they aren't necessary reading, they're my gift to you, and always a good time!

Happy Reading!


PS- If you want something completely different, like an

angsty romantic cheating story with a bittersweet ending and no HEA, grab Vicious Cycle, a standalone short about a secret hookup in a band headed for disaster. But don't say I didn't warn you! ;)


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