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Length: 52,000 words

Heat Level: 5 Alarm

Tropey Goodness: Enemies to Lovers, Opposites Attract, College Guys, Bully/Geek, Virgin/Manwhore, Accidental Feels, One Night Stand Fail

Available: Amazon, Kindle Unlimited

Not So Smart (Not So Series #1)

“It wasn’t obsession, exactly. Except, it probably was.”

Damon Price is a brutally hot, ripply muscled, scarily confident, dimpled god. Without his hard body to stare at three times a week, I probably would have dropped out of college months ago. Too bad he doesn't know I exist. But, even if he did know, even if it was true that he screwed anything and everything that moved, an awkward virgin like me would still be at the bottom of his to-do list. 

Even if he knew the kind of filthy stuff I actually wanted.

Even if he knew the last thing I need is any kind of relationship.

“I never meant to fuck a virgin.”

I should have been out the door the second that word came out of his mouth. A virgin was not what I was looking for. Except, damn, he knew how to talk. Knew how to say things so off-the-grid dirty I hardly knew what to say back. And talk wasn’t all he knew how to do. There’s kinky, and then there’s crazy, and then, apparently, there’s Josh Holloway-- who’s up for anything. 

And who I definitely should not still be thinking about.

Because the last thing I need is any kind of relationship.

An angsty virgin who might be a little twisted. A moody manwhore who might be a little lonely. All they wanted was to use each other for one dirty, kinky night. Feelings were absolutely not part of the plan. 

NOT SO SMART is a 52,000 word enemies-to-(still-mostly-enemies-but-also-)lovers novel, featuring messed up college guys who are great at lying to themselves, wall to wall sex, naked guitar playing, inappropriate library behavior, inappropriate dressing room behavior, inappropriate tube sock behavior, bondage, spanking, little bit of shoplifting, and some very unwelcome romantic feelings.

This is the first book in the NOT SO series. It is a self contained story with no dangling cliffhanger, but it is not a standalone. The series should be read in order. Josh and Damon’s story will continue in Book 2, NOT SO NICE.

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Length: 110,000 words

Heat Level: 5 Alarm

Tropey Goodness: Enemies to Lovers, Opposites Attract, College Guys, Bully/Geek, Feelings are Gross, Tough Guy is a Big Softie, Holidays are Hard 

Available: Amazon, Kindle Unlimited

Not So Nice (Not So Series #2)

“I do not have feelings for Damon Price.”

Not the kind he wants me to, anyway. Just because I agreed to stick around for now doesn’t mean I’m interested in more than just a good time. This is still purely physical, no matter what he thinks.

Yeah, I like how possessive he is. But I’d rather break his rules than follow them.  And I like how demanding he is. But only when it comes to the bedroom. If he expects things to be different now, just because I maybe, sort of like him a little, he doesn’t get me as well as he claims to.

I know exactly what I need my life to be like to keep from going off the deep end. I need to be in charge. I need to be in control. Even when I’m on my knees. Maybe I had a moment of weakness and let things get personal. Maybe it even felt good. But it’s not for me, and I’m not going to let him change me.

I don’t do boyfriends. I don’t date. And I sure as hell don’t sleep over. I’d like to see him try and make me. 

“I do not have feelings for Josh Holloway.”


I shouldn’t, anyway. Not if I had any self respect. But apparently, when it comes to him, there’s a lot more I want than just a good time. Even if I’m not sure why. 

Yeah, I like how obnoxious he is. Even if it makes me want to smack him. And I like how he’s up for anything, anytime, anywhere. As long as we’re naked. But if he thinks I’m going to let him keep me at arm’s length much longer, he’s sorely mistaken.

My last few years have been hell. When I wasn’t barely hanging on, I was too numb to feel a damn thing. But now suddenly a kinky, mouthy brat practically falls into my lap, and I feel everything. Things I don’t know how to feel, and yeah, I’m a mess. But, I am not going back to being miserable.

I don’t do boyfriends. I don’t date. I sure as hell don’t beg guys to spend the night. Until now. I’m going to make him mine and make him love it. I’d like to see him try and stop me. 

In the second book in the Not So series, Josh and Damon struggle to find a way to peel away some of the layers between them while still keeping their walls up and their hearts safe. Figuring out what they want from each other is almost as hard as figuring out what they need from themselves. 

This 110,00 word romance features two damaged college guys who absolutely, positively are not boyfriends, a date that is not a date, some accidental kink discovery no one's quite ready to talk about, belts, bookstores, brownies, and a heavy dose of angst and emotion as they both do their best to try and gut it out through holidays they'd really rather ignore without falling apart and needing each other. And, of course. So. Much. Spanking.


Please note, this book includes some scenes of characters still learning how to deal with lingering grief during the holidays. 

**This book is NOT a standalone and this series must be read in order. Not So Nice is a direct sequel and picks up immediately where Not So Smart ends. Not So Nice ends on a soft cliffhanger. Josh and Damon's story will continue in Not So Bad.


Yes, it's

still coming

Not So Bad (Not So Series #3)


For personal reasons, this book has been delayed, but it is still coming. 

I appreciate your patience and your continued interest in the series and love for Josh and Damon. I miss them too.


Writing about difficult things you've experienced can be cathartic. Unfortunately there is also the risk that those issues are exacerbated and writing about them becomes the last thing your brain is capable of. Sometimes distance is necessary to become coherent again. I simply won't (and can't) force myself through a book just to finish it and cheat these guys out of the authentic HEA they deserve. I think that's understandable. I hope it is. While this might not be the answer folks are hoping for, it's the truth and that's the best any of us can do. Life just happens sometimes.

I hope to return to this book in early 2021. When it's complete you'll be notified via my newsletter or here on the website. I don't announce release dates in advance. Life is simply too unpredictable, especially these days.

Thanks for waiting. It will be worth it. 

Misha Horne