Working out the Kinks Misha Horne gay romance

Length: 98,000 words

Heat Level: 5 Alarm

Tropey Goodness: Former Stepbrothers, Enemies to Lovers, Opposites Attract, Class Differences,  Moody Musician 

Spank-O-Meter: 6

Available: Amazon, Kindle Unlimited

Working Out the Kinks

Mistakes aren’t supposed to feel this good…

I learned early on that pretty much everything in life is a scam, and love's at the top of the list. Easy to fake, maximum payout, and people just never stop falling for it.

Watching my mom break hearts and empty bank accounts as we bounced from house to house taught me just how dangerous feelings could be. That's a whole lot of hassle I don't need.

These days, I stick to three basic rules. I don’t take something just because I want it. I don’t ask for help, even if I need it. And I never look twice at a guy who has a bigger bank account than I do. I know where those things can get you, and it's not anywhere I need to go. 

I’m perfectly happy never getting too close to anyone. Just scraping by with my guitar, chasing the rock star dream until my time or my sanity runs out. At least, I thought I was.

Until Brett showed up. 

Another thing I don’t do is think about the past. Ever. So, the last person I need to go breaking all my rules for is the cocky, spoiled brat who used to sleep in the room across the hall.

No matter how gorgeous he is now. 

No matter how filthy he is in bed.

No matter how good it feels when he says all he wants in the world is me.

Working Out the Kinks is a 98,000 word filthy forbidden romance novel about a grumpy, broken rock star who refuses to fall in love, and a lonely, relentless, spoiled brat looking for someone to belong to. So much angst, so much arguing, so much spanking, ...and did I mention they used to be stepbrothers?

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