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When He Was Bad Misha Horne free short story
When He Was Bad

“There’s no way you’re a bigger pervert than I am. Go on. Shock me.”

Jesse has a secret. A kink. One he’s never going to tell Brian about. He’ll just quietly work it out himself. In the shower. Every morning.

Until the day Brian catches him off guard. Asks him about his fantasies.

Once he finds out Jesse’s hiding something, Brian wants all the embarrassing, excruciating details. Right. Now.

Jesse’s in big trouble. Which is exactly where he wants to be.

This steamy 5000 word short story features M/M sexual situations and humiliating admissions of secret spanking fantasies.

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Please Come at Home for Christmas Misha Horne free short story
Please Come at Home for Christmas

“Get down on all fours. Reindeer style.”

With Brad and Rex both home from college, their first Christmas as stepbrothers is looking less than merry. 

Just because Rex is hot as hell doesn't mean Brad wants to spend the holidays with a bully and an asshole. Their parents getting married doesn’t mean he has to like the guy.

But, when they're forced to decorate the tree together, fighting turns to flirting, and the box of Christmas decorations suddenly gets a lot more interesting...

This 10,000 word holiday story includes peppermint kisses in naughty places, bondage by tinsel, and a well used wooden spoon that should never be used for baking cookies again.

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FUN FACT, This story was the inspiration for What Happens at Christmas! It lives on now for a limited time as an alternate universe short story. 

Vicious Cycle Misha Horne free short story
Vicious Cycle

I am not Chase Finland’s boyfriend. Ask him and he’ll tell you. He’ll say it loudly if he’s been drinking, or if there’s a crowd around.

Chase and I grew up together in a crumbling trailer park, dreaming dreams so big they didn’t have words. Then one of us got famous. And the other one came along. 

He’s not the guy he used to be. He doesn’t treat me like he once did. But we’re addicted to each other, in so deep it’s too late to walk away. 

Now, someone wants to give me all the things Chase won’t. Someone wants to cover my body in the kisses and bruises that I secretly crave. Wants to give me the pain I need and the pleasure I don’t deserve. The kindness just might kill me, but I can’t seem to help myself.

I won’t tell Chase, but it doesn’t matter. After all, he’s not my boyfriend.

Vicious Cycle is a 9000 word bittersweet short story, heavy on the bitter, light on the sweet. This erotic M/M story includes explicit sex, BDSM/spanking elements, angst, and semi-cheating (non-exclusive relationship) themes. 

*This is NOT a romance and does not have an HFN/HEA.*

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A Very Kinky Christmas

Just because Landon said no tree doesn’t actually mean he’s serious, right? Sure, they’re messy and expensive and there’s no room in the tiny apartment, but those are just excuses, right? Everyone wants a tree. Brett’s pretty sure he’s got a handle on rules he can break and rules he shouldn’t. And even if he’s wrong, how bad could it be?

A Very Kinky Christmas is a 6,000 word Working Out the Kinks bonus story about Brett and Landon’s life around the holidays, a few months after the end of the book— this time from Brett’s point of view!

If you haven’t read Working Out the Kinks, you’re definitely going to want to read that first, since this is a little spoilery and also won’t make much sense as a standalone. Enjoy!

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pickpocket newsletter cover.jpg

A lazy summer night on the farm turns into something far more exciting when Will surprises Jesse by introducing a bit of erotic roleplay into their relationship. A pickpocket, his mark, and a punishment that won’t soon be forgotten.

Pickpocket is a steamy, playful, 7500-word Looking for Trouble bonus story based on something Jesse briefly mentions in the epilogue.

This is best enjoyed after reading
Looking for Trouble.

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