Misha Horne writes write sometimes-angsty, sometimes-sweet, always-kinky MM romance about people discovering who they really are and what they really want... and finding that certain someone they can be themselves with.

Expect lots of spanking, serious dirty talk, explicit sex, and untidy emotion. Grumpy heroes, bad attitudes, and anxiety are usually on display, and sometimes love gets involved. Okay, love always gets involved. But, mostly by accident. What can you do, right?

Dear Readers,

While the above short and snappy author bio is certainly accurate, here is who I am


Positive kink representation is incredibly important to me. I’m not writing to trend, I’m writing about a lifestyle and sexuality I understand because everyone deserves to find books where they see themselves reflected back in an awesome way. Especially people who don't always have an easy time finding that. Kinky people also deserve escapism-- even if it's not to a world vanilla folks dream of escaping to.


My books will always present kink as a normal, healthy, natural and necessary part of the relationship. It’s never written as an add-on or a gimmick, it’s a bone deep part of who the characters are— or discover they are— and their lives are filtered through it. 


Although most of my books are steamy and include sex, those are character choices and actions, not a definition of what kink is. Kink does not equal extra hot sex. Kink and taboo are not synonyms. Kink does not require a cure or an explanation, it simply is. 


Seeing your identity used as a punchline, described as a mental illness, called a fad that's "totally over", or appropriated and exploited by vanilla authors who churn out bad rep at your expense is not a nice way to live. It's frustrating, humiliating, depressing, and rage-inducing. You won't find that here. While some of my characters might struggle with the reality of exploring and understanding who they are and what they need, everyone gets a happy ending, kink included. 

-Misha Horne