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Misha Horne is an over-caffeinated, antisocial author who loves staying inside, never answering the phone, and forgetting the entire world exists while they write.

Misha writes about kinky, complicated guys who overthink everything, make lots of bad decisions anyway, and fall in love in spite of themselves— because that’s the kind of representation they want to see in romance. (And it’s pretty much the only stuff they know anything about lol.) 


(They also type "lol" and overuse emojis when it's completely unnecessary because they're awkward af and only know how to communicate through writing books. lol.)

If you love broken brats, bad boys, sexy times, and lots of spanking, fire up your ereader and get your one click finger ready! You're about to have so. many. book. boyfriends!

Just an FYI, I use a lot of self-deprecating humor, but I'm not kidding about the antisocial thing. I also have extreme anxiety and dislike human interaction almost as much as I dislike social media. After way too many years of trying to force myself into the box of what an author "should" be like, I've come to the conclusion that I can make myself miserable and exhausted trying to mask and interact online, or I can make myself and my readers happy by writing books, but I cannot do both. 

I've chosen books and boundaries for my mental health, and I no longer use social media. I give all of myself to my readers through my books, and I'm grateful for all of you, but I'm not accessible further than that. The best place for book updates will always be here and through my newsletter! Please
subscribe to stay up to date! You can also follow me on Bookbub and Amazon to make triple sure you never miss a new release! 


Dear Readers,

Positive kink representation is incredibly important to me. I’m not writing to trend, I’m writing about a lifestyle and sexuality I understand because everyone deserves to find books where they see themselves reflected back in an awesome way. Especially people who don't always have an easy time finding that. 


Growing up, I would have loved to find romances or any books in bookstores or libraries that normalized kink instead of skimming pages and pages of stuff I wasn't interested in for any mention of the word spanking. (If you know, you know.) Writing kinky romance definitely wasn't what I expected to find myself doing for a living-- and it took several careers to get here, lol-- but I'm so glad to be able to add stories to that small but growing bookshelf! Kinky people deserve great rep and delicious, romantic escapism too-- even if it's not to a world vanilla folks dream of escaping to.


My books will always present kink as a normal, healthy, natural and necessary part of the relationship. It’s never written as an add-on or a gimmick, it’s a bone deep part of who the characters are— or discover they are— and their lives are filtered through it. 


Although most of my books are steamy and include sex, those are character choices and actions, not a definition of what kink is. Kink does not equal extra hot sex. Kink and taboo are not synonyms. Kink does not require a cure or an explanation, it simply is. 


Seeing your identity used as a punchline, described as a mental illness, called a fad that's "totally over", or appropriated and exploited by vanilla authors who churn out bad rep at your expense is not a nice way to live. It's frustrating, humiliating, depressing, and rage-inducing. You won't find that here. While some of my characters might struggle with the reality of exploring and understanding who they are and what they need, everyone gets a happy ending, kink included. 

-Misha Horne

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