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Surprise Bonus Scene!

Hey, Humans!

I'm ducking quickly out of the writing cave to say a huge, astonished thank you for all The Brat & The Beast love! I can't get over how much people have been loving Logan and Caleb, like seriously, honestly so blown away! I'm absolutely thrilled with the response to this duet. I put a lot of myself in these books, so much that, like I mentioned before, I originally planned to publish these under a different penname. So, the outpouring of love for Logan and Caleb is truly overwhelming. Thank you!

A lot of you know that I live with extreme levels of anxiety, like 375/10 on a good day. This past year and especially this summer, that skyrocketed up to about 50,000/10. We all have those times I think when the hits just keep on coming, (and not in a good way) and when you think you can't possibly hold one more thing on your plate, here comes ten more things you can't handle and you kind of just put your head down and hold on and do your best even if your best is fucking terrible lol.

I guess I'm not exactly sure where I'm going with this, just that this unexpected reaction to these books I love so much really comes at a time when I'm a bit raw and really feeling it, and I just appreciate it more than I can say. ❤️

I hope you love what's coming next just as much! Stay tuned! But in the meantime...


Fun fact, if you've read The Brat & The Beast Duet, you have read 202,094 words of Logan and Caleb! (That also means I've written that many words of Logan & Caleb *head explodes* not including probably 30,000 words that didn't make the final cut lol. *head explodes again*

Bless all you people who say you've already reread them or that you want another book or wish they were longer lol. You are truly my people, I do so love a chonky romance, and I'll never get onboard with the idea that there's no reason for a romance to be extra large but it's fine for other genres. Emotions and layers and character growth and relationships have every reason to take up as much page time as any other kind of story. BUT ANYWAY. *packs way rant*

202k words not enough for you? How about a few more then? I've written a short, steamy Logan and Caleb bonus scene just for you! Want all the Logan & Caleb there is to Logan and Caleb? Download Teach Me, Daddy here!


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