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Away Games is here! Still. Finally. Already...

Well, if you're on my mailing list, you've gotten a few emails about this already lol. But for anyone who missed this morning's newsletter, overnight, Amazon decided to cancel the pre-order for Away Games. There is no rhyme or reason to this glitch, and there's also no way to reverse it, so here we are. 

As you might imagine, I was absolutely gutted to lose all of my preorders, and if you're one of those people whose preorder was cancelled, I'm so sorry this inconvenienced you, believe me, I get it. ❤️

But, looking on the bright side here, Away Games is now LIVE a day early! Go get your Logan & Caleb on! 

And now back to our regularly scheduled post that I wrote before all this happened lol. 


One step forward… and then what?

When you live your whole life just wishing for things to be good enough, suddenly having everything you ever dreamed about is pretty unsettling. Safety, security, love… not the senior year I expected.

Coach T calling me into his office, talking about untapped potential, didn’t see that coming either. He seems to think I’m a brand new guy on the field, and honestly, he might be right.

My future is starting to feel a lot more intense, and I’m not sure I’m ready for any of this. Fortunately, ignoring reality is one of my greatest skills.

At least until my Daddy finds out.

Away Games is a high steam, lower angst 35k follow-up novella that picks up shortly after Comfort Me, Daddy. Spend some extra time with Logan and Caleb as they navigate their new relationship and plan for the future.

This series should be read in order, starting with Hurt Me, Daddy.


Hey, Humans! 

Logan and Caleb are back, with more sweaty football, steamy spankings, and Logan generally being a stubborn brat and needing his Daddy to step in and make things right. 

If you've been following along with newsletter updates, you know that:

A) I never planned to write this book

B) I finally gave in because when I was trying to work on Ellis and Walker's book, Logan kept interrupting with more and more things he needed to say

C) This was supposed to be a short story

Well... this book ended up being 35k words, and not the words I started with lol. Because of the Sharks season timeline and the upcoming books featuring different couples, I ended up tangled in several knots, which meant I basically had to start this book over twice and tear my hair out approximately 9786483799 times. Thanks, Logan. (But hey, I have basically enough content for a whole additional book in the future, so...)

Away Games is a sweet, steamy cherry on top of the Brat & Beast sundae that lets you all check in on Logan and Caleb and see that while things aren't magically perfect, they're definitely perfect for each other and solid in their relationship. 💗 On the Misha Horne Scale of Angst™, it's very low lol! 

Honestly, I'm so happy Logan nagged me into writing this book. I hope you love it as much as I loved writing it! (And tear your hair out a lot less 😂)

Happy Reading,



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