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Comfort Me, Daddy Blurb & Cover Reveal!

Hey there, Humans!

It's officially been a month since the release of Hurt Me, Daddy, and I hope you're all getting excited for more Logan and Caleb, because the conclusion of The Brat & The Beast Duet, Comfort Me, Daddy is out next month!

Poor Logan went through a lot in book one, but now that possessive, protective Caleb is here to make things better, maybe our boy can finally let his guard down and let himself be loved. Or... maybe that's going to take some Beast-sized convincing. ;)



How do you love someone when you don’t know what love is?

I’m not sure what I was thinking when I let The Beast take me home with him. High on endorphins and out of options isn’t the best time for decision making, but I work with what I have. And now I have a Daddy, I guess.

Until I screw it up.

I can handle a lot, and he makes me feel incredible, but panic is my comfort zone and I don’t know how to let this be good. I’m not great at relationships. I’m not used to being taken care of.

I’m defensive and kind of a jerk most of the time and I keep waiting for him to get sick of me. For this to be a long, elaborate dream with lots of dirty details, to wake up in my old bed in my old life where everything was awful, but at least I knew how to handle myself.

But he doesn’t get mad when I lash out and push him away— he gets gentle. And stern. And reminds me in no uncertain terms just who I belong to now. Says he’s not going anywhere.

The more I learn about him, the more I’d like to believe him, but I’ve got problems he can’t begin to imagine—ones a lot bigger than homework that keep popping up and ruining things. Ruining me.

My past is never going to leave me alone, and my future seems more confusing than ever now that I’m having these feelings. Turns out I like being cuddled and kept safe, no matter how much I try to fight it.

Turns out I like Caleb. A lot.

But happy endings don’t happen for guys like me.

Do they?

Comfort Me, Daddy is book two in The Brat & The Beast duet, an angsty, kinky, grumpy epic MM romance about an angry, stubborn, bratty jock who won’t give an inch and a slightly stalker-ish gentle giant with infinite patience. The conclusion to Logan and Caleb's story features hurt/comfort, daddy kink, tantrums, spankings, caretaking, cozy moments, bad breaks, new beginnings, and all the feels. Book two picks up directly after book one, Hurt Me, Daddy.

Both books go up to regular price in July, so grab them now!


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