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Pickpocket: A Looking for Trouble Bonus Story

Hey, humans,

If you enjoyed my slow burn, daddy kink western Looking for Trouble and 135,000 words just wasn't quite enough for you, I recently wrote a steamy short story called Pickpocket based on something Jesse briefly mentioned in the epilogue. I don't write bonus stories for every book, my brain just doesn't work on command that way, but if characters continue living in my head after the book ends, sometimes it does happen. :)

After so many readers discovered Will & Jesse for the first time last month through Bookbub, I revisited the story and remembered just how much I love those guys. Jesse dropped so many tidbits about their life together in the epilogue that I've never really stopped wondering about, and when he showed up ready to talk one morning, I put my current project aside for a few days and went ahead and let him tell it. I hope you enjoy see these guys again as much as I did.

While there's no law that says you have to read Looking for Trouble before you read Pickpocket (and if there was, Jesse would break it) I imagine you'll enjoy it a hell of a lot more if you're familiar with the characters and their relationship. You can find Looking for Trouble here on Amazon if you're new to the book, and you can download Pickpocket here.

I'll mention this here even though I've mentioned it before, since every time I do I catch someone by surprise, lol. If you enjoyed my book Working out the Kinks there's a holiday short called A Very Kinky Christmas available to download right here.

(Bonus stories and other free stuff can always be found on the free reads page of this website.)

Just to be super clear, bonus stories that are attached to novels are just fun little add-ons for people who love the characters and want a little extra fluff and fun. They are 100% canon, but also not at all necessary to read-- the novels are complete in and of themselves without the bonus stories. (Which tbh I usually write years later when I'm feel nostalgic.) I know unfortunately it's become kind of a common thing for some authors to hold back the end of the book or important scenes and make you jump through hoops to get them and that's not how I operate and never will be. This is just a fun thing I occasionally do if the characters demand it and then share with subscribers as a fun surprise, so feel free to join in or not. :)

Happy Reading, folks!



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