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Hurt Me, Daddy

Hey humans!

I'm so excited to announce that Hurt Me, Daddy, the first book in a scorching, emotional, epic daddy kink duet, is live on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited!

I hope you're ready for a former bully with too many problems to count, an extra-large bookworm with some interesting solutions, steamy jock/tutor study sessions, hurt/comfort, lots of spanking, and so many layers of daddy kink. YOU'RE READY, RIGHT?



Does the baddest boy in school need a tutor… or a Daddy?

I’ve spent my whole life needing absolutely nothing and getting exactly that. Love? No. Security? Yeah, right. Parental supervision? As if. I take care of myself. After graduation, my football scholarship and I are out of here and we’re never looking back.

Unless I screw it up.

Trying to study when I’m cold and hungry, that I’m used to. But throw in my mom’s sketchy new boyfriend and his shady side hustle, and my home life’s suddenly way more than just unbearable. Studying’s barely on my radar and I’m in danger of losing my future before it starts.

My one shot at turning things around is The Beast.

Caleb Heath is the smartest guy in school. And the biggest. A giant, quiet bookworm with no friends, and okay, maybe that’s partly my fault, but whatever. I hate him and he hates me, so why would he even offer to be my tutor?

Turns out there’s a reason. He doesn’t just want to save my grades. He doesn’t just want to save my season. He wants to save me.

Wants to wrap me up in his giant arms and rescue me. He wants to spoil me. Punish me. Take care of me. He wants me to call him Daddy.

Sure it’s hot. Sure it’s tempting to think anyone could ever really want me. But I’m way too old to believe in fairy tales.

Aren’t I?

Hurt Me, Daddy is book one in The Brat & The Beast duet, an angsty, kinky, grumpy epic MM romance about an angry, stubborn, bratty jock who won’t give an inch and a slightly stalky gentle giant with infinite patience. Get ready for steamy study sessions, unexpected attraction, hurt/comfort, daddy kink, spanking, fun sized candy bars, ugly gray sweaters, and all the feels.

This book ends on a satisfying but exciting cliffhanger. The second and final installment, Comfort Me, Daddy, contains a happily ever after for Logan and Caleb. It is available for preorder now.

**Content Warnings for toxic/abusive/neglectful home life, drug and alcohol abuse/addiction (parental), additional mentions of both in the past, frank portrayal of poverty, and food insecurity.


I'm so excited for you all to go on this journey with Logan and Caleb! Because their story ended up being so huge and so hot, I'm releasing it as two books to avoid a fire hazard. 🔥🔥🔥😉

The Brat and The Beast Book Two, Comfort Me, Daddy is available for preorder. The blurb and cover will be updated later in June since it contains some spoilers for book one that I don’t want to drop right away.

A Little Backstory...

So, fun fact, during the lost years of 2020 and 2021, I wrote a lot. Like A LOT. The reason is pretty simple— quarantine + no social media. Not interacting with humans makes me VERY happy and creative! But, mix one of the most productive periods of my life with one of the most stressful periods of my life, and you get… a bunch of stuff I wasn’t sure what to do with, honestly.

While the words were flowing like whoa, personally I was dealing with a lot of dark, helpless, frustrated feelings (Well, you all can relate probably, you were there, global pandemics hit hard.) and it was definitely coming through in my writing. It was angry, it was personal, it was ugly and raw and wish-fulfilly, and I needed to get stories out of me in a way that was different than anything I’ve ever experienced. (I mean no shit, right, it was a hell of a time.)

These books felt different than the other books I’d written. I felt different. So much so that I made the decision to start a new secret penname where I could write and publish this new stuff without any preconceived expectations.

I wrote more and more with that goal in mind, and then I just… didn’t do it. If you’re not aware, I’m a bit of an overthinker lolol. These books were still kinky af. They were still scorching hot with messy, broken heroes. And starting a new penname is a ton of work. Did I need to do that?

The short answer (ha) is I still don’t know. But, since I think my readers will love Logan and Caleb, I’ve decided to release this massive, angsty, filthy-but-still-somehow-sweet, jock/tutor, daddy kink duet that was earmarked for a secret penname here... and we’ll see what happens! I enjoyed the hell out of writing these books, and I hope you all love them just as much!

Happy Reading,



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