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Hey, humans, I'm kicking off my return from hiatus with some some exciting rerelease/preorder news.

Back in 2019, I released a kinky Christmas romance called Naughty AF. Readers really liked it, but Amazon really did not like the title lol. It's caused me a lot of problems, and last year I just did not have the energy to relaunch it, but before the holidays get here this year I'm rereleasing this book with a new title-- What Happens at Christmas

Once upon a time you were allowed to change book titles without republishing as a whole new book, but that's no longer the case. So, while the title is new, the cover is new, (and delicious!) and it's received a fresh edit that includes a few slightly extended scenes, this is essentially the same book. Nothing significant has changed-- the story and ending are the same. You don't need to repurchase the book if you already read Rex and Brad's kinky Christmas romance when it was called Naughty AF. 

However, if you missed it the first time around, it's available for preorder now and will be live on Amazon/In KU November 1st!

Please welcome What Happens at Christmas to our kinky bookshelf!

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☑️ New Stepbrothers

☑️ Enemies to Lovers

☑️ Opposites Attract

☑️ Secret Late Night Hookups

☑️ And Daytime Too

☑️ Jock vs Nerd

☑️ Tough Guy is a Big Softie 

☑️ Corny Christmas Movies 

☑️ Big Christmas Energy

☑️ Everything's a Pervertible

☑️ Holiday Spankings

☑️ You're the Only One Who Gets Me

☑️ Insta-Lust Becomes Insta-Love

☑️ Oops I Cried Ending

What Happens at Christmas

All I want for Christmas is my stepbrother.

 Okay, maybe all I want for Christmas is to be my stepbrother. Brad is everything I’m not. Smart. Responsible. Acing college. The son my dad always wanted and the stepbrother I never did.

And as cute as he is annoying.

Meanwhile, I’m a college dropout with a dead end job, nosediving into one bad decision after another. I really don’t need to make another one.

Too late, I guess.

That kiss in the basement? Mistake.
What we did with that wooden spoon in the kitchen? Mistake.
And that day hanging out at Santa’s Village that should have been corny and boring, but was somehow romantic as hell? Huge mistake.

It turns out my perfect stepbrother isn’t as perfect as I thought. He’s actually kind of an adorable, irresistible mess who needs someone with a firm hand to take care of him. But I can barely take care of myself, so that person can’t be me, right?

The last thing I need is to catch feelings for the one guy I can’t have feelings for. 


Too late, I guess.

**Please Note: What Happens at Christmas was originally published as Naughty AF. The title and cover have changed and a few scenes have been extended, but the story and ending remain the same. 

If this is your first time meeting Brad and Rex, you can expect a kinky Christmas romance stuffed full of festive fluff, accidental instalove, and lots of holiday spanking. One grump, one brat, one secret winter break hookup between stepbrothers. It’s all completely casual… until it’s not.