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Working Out the Kinks is FREE! (Also, 5 Fun Facts & a Bonus Story)

Working Out the Kinks is free through Saturday, February 23rd!

Hey, humans! Super exciting news! I got my first BookBub featured deal! Some of you will know right away how freaking WHOA that is, but if you're not familiar with Bookbub or the widespread lore about how crazy selective they are and how hard it is to get featured in their newsletter, just trust me when I say I screamed out loud when they accepted me, lol. Persistence finally pays off! Moral of the story: If at first you don't succeed... apply 38 more times. ;)

So... If you haven't read Working Out the Kinks, my sexy, kinky, angsty book about a grumpy struggling rock star and a rich spoiled brat who just happen to be former stepbrothers, now is the perfect time! Or if you read it through Kindle Unlimited, you can grab a forever copy for free! Tell your friends! Or your enemies! Or your enemies-to-lovers! ;)

Poor, jaded Landon is carrying around so much misplaced baggage and the last thing he wants is to be reminded of his past. And bratty but adorable Brett crushed on Lan so hard in high school, and now that he's feeling lost in life, he just really wants someone familiar to tell him everything will be okay. And he'd also like to be spanked. By his hot former stepbrother. Too bad Landon is totally not into hooking up. Or being kinky. Is he?

Just to spice this post up a little more, here are 5 (nonspoilery) Fun Facts you might not know about Working Out the Kinks.

1. This book started life as a short story called The Brat at the Bar. It was originally 10k words long and was basically the first few chapters of the book. But the characters stuck with me, and eventually, I expanded it... by about 90k words, lol.

2. The music shop STRUM that's featured in this book is same shop where Damon teaches guitar in the Not So series. The shop belongs to his brother, Brad. Kat makes a small cameo in Not So Nice and we'll see her again in Not So Bad.

3. The laundry room in Landon's building is based on the real laundry room in my first apartment. The landlord's son was an artist, and all the common areas were painted with bizarre floor to ceiling murals. Some of them were really creepy! (This is also my favorite scene in the book.)

4. I wrote the shower scene in the ER waiting room while a friend of mine got x-rays. (He's fine now, lol.)

5. Of all my books so far, this one has my favorite HEA, just because it's so freaking personal to these guys. <3

Bonus fact: Did you know that there's a sexy, 6k Working Out the Kinks bonus story called A Very Kinky Christmas that's available only to newsletter subscribers? You can get it here!

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