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May Day is (FREE!) Reading Day!

Hey, humans! This is that post I told you to watch out for! (And I mean that in more ways than one, lol!) If you already have waaaaay more books than you'll ever be able to read bursting out of your ereader, you should stop reading this right now.

Did that work on anyone? Personally, I'd just take that as a challenge, but hey, you've been warned! ;) 

Today is the annual Spring Stuff Your Kindle Event! SO MANY FREE ROMANCE NOVELS!

You want rock stars? Check. Billionaires? Of Course! Werewolves? Cyborgs? Athletes? Celebrities? Truck Drivers? Dragons? Yes, yes, and double yes! Cops, vampires, fake fiancees? Brooding, mysterious strangers? Kinky AF Doctors? One night stands that refuse to stay that way? Look, I could do this all day, people. YESSSS.

More than 100 romance novels by bestselling authors across every romance genre you can imagine, all for free TODAY ONLY! GO, GO, GO!

This is an awesome way to discover new and new-to-you authors and grab free books from old favorites! (Might I suggest you check out Tamsen Parker and Ainsley Booth, who both write super kinky romances about intriguing, imperfect characters-- my favorite kind!)

This was also a fun challenge for all the authors involved to reduce their blurbs to three sentences! And by fun challenge, I mean, AAAAARRRRGGGGHHH *SOB* DELETE DELETE WHIIIIINE *SOB* Brevity is no friend of mine. Funny, since I can very literally go days without speaking with no problem whatsoever, but ask me to keep it short in the writing department, and suddenly, I can't shut up.

Anyhow! I've offered up two books this year-- if you follow along, you already know what they are, if not, surprise!-- Working Out the Kinks and Not So Smart are both free today on Amazon! So, if you missed them during the last free days, or read them through KU and want to forever own them, today is the day! 


Struggling rock star Landon doesn’t do love— but the boy who was once his stepbrother is now the man he can’t resist. Brett’s even more cocky and obnoxious than he was ten years ago, which shouldn’t be appealing… and yet. Can a spoiled brat from his past convince Landon to break his own rules in this red hot, kinky romance?


Josh might be a virgin, but he knows exactly who and what he wants— one perfect night with Damon Price, the gorgeous, arrogant bad boy that everyone whispers about. Damon just wants to let off some steam— and the cute guy from his English class who’s been stalking him all semester seems like a perfect outlet. One filthy night together is all these kinky college guys want… until feelings start to get in the way.

So, quick side plot, I just wanted to say thank you in a huge way for the overwhelming amount of emails you all sent last week during the Old School Discipline Bookiversary! I did not expect that at all, and wow, it was truly lovely. When you send a book out into the world, you never know what's going to happen, or how books will affect people. Some of you shared the coolest, sweetest tidbits with me, and you have no idea how fun that stuff is to hear! I have THE BEST readers, honestly. <3 

Okay, blah, blah, cut the sap, Misha. 

Anyhow. I know you've heard from me two weeks in a row now, which is a lot for me honestly, lol. Newsletters are a lot like public speaking for me, and guess how much I like that? *cringe* But that's the way the calendar fell this year, so there we go. I'm traveling for the rest of the spring, so you'll get a nice vacation from me, but the next time I show up in your inbox, I'll have something new to share! 

Until then, Happy Reading!


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