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Looking for Trouble is Here! A New Release! With Cowboys! And Daddy Kink!

Hello, humans! Well, it's been a while since I updated, but I'm very excited to tell you (a few days late, because publishing and promoting is an endless bear, lol) that I have a brand spanking new book for you!

If you like suuuuuuuuper long low angst slow burn daddy kink cowboy romances with forced proximity and hurt/comfort and age gap and pining and spanking and HEAs and did I mention it's suuuuper long, boy, oh boy have I got the book for you.

A trip across the country just might lead to a trip over a cowboy’s knee…

Trouble seems to follow Jesse Morgan.

No matter how many times he tries to clean up his act, drinking and fighting and picking pockets are about the only things that make him feel good. All he wants when he boards a train headed for Nevada is a fresh start. He might not even know where it is on a map, but nobody knows him there. He just needs a little change, a little adventure, a chance to shake off the dark cloud he seems to be stuck under.

What he doesn’t expect is to meet Will Kaplan. A tall, handsome cowboy with a chiseled jaw who pulls him out of a jam five minutes after he steps off the train. He’s ever met anyone like the no nonsense stranger who offers him a temporary place to stay. Will might be stern and have a lot of strict rules, but he’s patient and fair, and he makes Jesse crave things he’s never thought about. Makes him want to cause trouble, just to see what might happen. Will makes him want to do all kinds of things that are definitely a bad idea.

Will Kaplan couldn’t care less about people.

Everyone he was ever close to is long gone, and he’s perfectly happy on his farm with his animals and just enough to get by— alone. He only goes into town when he has to, and sure never expected to come back home with a mouthy stranger who seems dead set on driving him crazy.

Will doesn’t need a farmhand. He definitely doesn’t need one who’s stubborn and reckless and has an ugly temper, even if he’s sexy as hell. Just because Jesse is good company when he isn’t being irritating doesn’t mean Will is interested in having another person in his life for more than a week or two. Excitement and disruption are not things he’s fond of. Just like he’s not fond of this sassy, sullen city boy who seems determined to cause trouble, almost like he’s begging for a firm hand…

Looking for Trouble is a 135,000 word low angst, slow burn historical western romance between a stern, reclusive cowboy and a rowdy, troublemaking stranger. It includes forced proximity, a bit of hurt/comfort, some serious pining, a ten year age gap, spanking, daddy kink, first times, steamy scenes, a woodshed, and an HEA.


*Just a quick FYI since I've heard from some readers who aren't quite sure about westerns or historicals. This isn't a heavy historical. I'd call it an escapist historical. There's no ugly historical angst, and it's not adventury or shoot em up. It's really just a swoony, sweepy, slow burn story about two guys who don't like anyone falling in love on a farm in the middle of nowhere. You're going to find everything I usually write, just without the trappings of modern day. I honestly wrote this as a comfort read for myself because I needed an escape from the day to day dumpster fire that is 2018. So, if cowboys/westerns/historicals aren't your thing, totally cool, I'll be returning to your regularly scheduled contemporary angst ASAP, but just wanted to make that clear. :)

I'll be back soon with some more updates!

Happy Reading!


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