• Misha Horne

July Book Update

AKA The Cool Kids Say August 15th is the New July 28th

If you are subscribed to my mailing list, which hopefully you are, this news is already in your inbox, and you should have received an Amazon email too, but here it is a third time, just to be charming. ;) For personal and technical reasons I’ve updated the Comfort Me, Daddy release date to August 15th.

I really apologize for the brief delay, I totally understand as a reader how frustrating book delays are, and believe me, nothing's more frustrating for authors than when we kill ourselves to make sure everything is perfect and life steps between us and our books.

The good news is, Logan and Caleb will still be dropping into your hands very shortly. 🤗 (Brace yourself, they're heavy!) This also means if you haven’t pre-ordered Comfort Me, Daddy, you now have two extra weeks to grab it at the discounted pre-order price before it goes up to regular price on release day.

If you have pre-ordered this book, thanks so much! Nothing you need to do but sit back and relax, and it will magically appear in your ereader on August 15th!

Thanks for understanding that life unfortunately happens,


How do you love someone when you don’t know what love is?

I'm not sure what I was thinking when I let The Beast take me home with him. High on endorphins and out of options isn't the best time for decision making, but I work with what I have. And now I have a Daddy, I guess.

Until I screw it up.

Yeah, my old life was awful, but at least I knew how to handle it. I'm not used to being taken care of, and feeling good is not my comfort zone. Even when everything I want is right in front of me, I can still manage to be a total mess. Just what every guy wants.

But Caleb doesn't get mad when I lash out and push him away— he gets gentle. And stern. And reminds me in no uncertain terms just who I belong to now. Says he's not going anywhere no matter what I do.

The more I learn about him, the more I'd like to believe him, but I've got problems he can't begin to imagine. Ones a lot bigger than homework that keep popping up and ruining things. Ruining me.

The smart thing to do is get my grades back on track and take off. My past is never going to leave me alone, and my future seems more confusing than ever now that I'm having these feelings.

Turns out I like being cuddled and cared about and kept in line, no matter how much I try to fight it. Turns out I like Caleb. A lot.

But, happy endings don't happen for guys like me.

Do they?