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Holiday Deals & Bookish Updates!

Hey there, humans!

It's been a bit since I've posted/sent out an update or been on social media or done much but let things run on autopilot around here, thanks to a little something called Covid that knocked me on my ass, and not in the fun way. Despite me being all vacced up and the hermity-est hermit to ever hermit, I managed to catch it and oof.

Do not recommend if you enjoy having energy and/or being awake. (I mean, I love naps as much as the next person, but not when they hit me out of nowhere and last twelve hours, ya know?) Tbh, even a couple of months later, the mental and physical fog/drain is still a thing. It's frustrating not to be able to move as fast as my enthusiasm and momentum would like me to, but I'm so thankful that for the most part it was a mild case and I somehow got so organized over the summer/autumn that I didn't fall completely behind.

Should all that have gone in the author update section? Maybe. Moving on.

How About Those 99¢ Sales

Huzzah! Snowed In with Benefits and What Happens at Christmas are both on sale the first week of December! Was Snowed In with Benefits just on sale like six weeks ago? Yes, great memory. That's what happens when you book promos for the rest of the year way back in August, and then get a surprise Bookbub deal in October lol. It's #fiiine. Honestly, I love both of these books and if putting them on sale during the holidays means maybe they'll brighten someone's season who might not otherwise have a chance to read them, that works for me. Enjoy! Tell a friend! They're both 99 pennies each through December 5th!

If you're going all in with the Christmas books, What Happens at Christmas is ultra Christmassy, filled with festive fun, kinky new traditions, a grump whose heart grows ten sizes, and accidental stepbrother instalove in the snow.

If you're not all about the Christmas books, Snowed In with Benefits is very much a snowed in book with only a few mentions of Christmas. It's all about the cozy, cabiny vibes, a celebrity brat trapped with the only person on earth who won't put up with his attitude, and swoony, sexy, slowish burn epic kinky romance.

Bookish News

Book News AKA What's next, What's happening, What's up for 2023??

Well, despite Covid slowing me way tf down, I'm steadily making progress on:

1.) The next Maddox Sharks book/The Brat & The Beast Spinoff/Whatever it ends up being called lol. (Yes, it's Ellis. 😏 Yes, he's an obnoxious dick, but you're going to love him anyway. Yes, there will be some Logan and Caleb in there. That's all I'm saying for now.)

2.) The next book in the Not So Series (It's slow, but no worries, these boys will never be forgotten! In addition to being super steamy-kinky-intense, this series has some grief/loss themes that can be rough for me to work on especially this time of year, but we're getting there! Josh and Damon will get their HEA, just not at the expense of the book's quality or my mental health. 💞)

3. & 4.) A couple of secret projects (Shhh, not telling, just that they're 🔥🔥🔥👋👋👋 and oooh, you're gonna like them! 🫣)


5) Paperbacks, which have been on my to-do list for a while, but a lot of readers have asked me for them this year, so I'll be gradually rolling those out in 2023. 📚 Which of these things will be happening first? No idea lol. Stay tuned and find out! If you're looking for an author who schedules their whole year in advance and then follows that schedule, um... look further. 🤣🤣 I'm the chaos gremlin who writes spanking and feels. We're all different, it is what it is lol. But while I might be moving a little slower at the moment, I'm excited for all the upcoming things, and I hope you are too!

Happy Reading & Happy December! xoxo Misha

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