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Hella Long Spring Update! :)

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

Hey, humans, an update while I have some time, since I haven't done one in a while and I'll likely be offline quite a bit the next couple of months. A lot of you are I'm sure checking in for Josh & Damon updates (Not So Bad), so lets start there. Well, the good news is I reeeeeally love their book. I'll just say bathtubs and bondage and bookstores and leave it at that. For now. ;) (Also hairbrushes, but you knew that.)

I've talked a bit about my writing process here before (I think, maybe it was elsewhere lol). I'm a pantser and write completely out of order. Books appear when characters start talking and don't shut up, and my job is basically to write down everything they say and trust it'll make sense in the end, even if it doesn't at the time. Writing is fucking weird, you guys.

I'm also a bit of a tease and an overthinker/overpreparer, (shock) so I'll write all the way around the chapters I'm most excited for, letting them simmer in my head while the anticipation builds, and then write them last, like a cherry on a sundae. (Do some people eat the cherry first? Maybe that's a bad example. I always eat the cherry last. Anyway.)

Point being, Not So Bad is sitting at about 80k and most of what's left to write are the cherry scenes. Which always end up being the most fun and also way longer and way more emotional than anticipated. (Josh & Damon's not-a-date date in Not So Nice was a cherry scene. Super fun to write, but I had no idea Josh was going to have a meltdown until it happened.)

ANYWAY. So, a few weeks back I'm sitting at the computer thinking All that's left is cherry scenes, WTF's the hold up? Because by all accounts I should have been breezing, and I was sludging. You know what I mean. Never a good sign. And then I realized two things. One, I couldn't move on to the cherry scenes because the end of the book wasn't right. And two, the reason the end wasn't right was (*cringe*) there needs to be another book. So, I guess that's the bad news? Except, it's not really bad news because Yay, more Josh & Damon, and I get to explore some more things that are going on with them and you all know that's going to be yet another 100k+ on a fourth book because I can't write anything shorter to save my life. So, yeah. Lots more Josh & Damon.

I guess technically, the bad news is that Not So Bad is sitting in The Quiet Corner for a bit while I sort out the best way to do this. I really, really hate having so many ongoing serieses and people waiting for books all the time, which is something I'm desperately trying to fix and adding a fourth book is basically the opposite of fixing that, so... I'm going to do my best to not add lots of extra wait time to this series, but things do need to marinate for a while in order for that to happen.

In the meantime, wow, I have a ton of shit going on. If you've been hanging around awhile, you've probably heard me talk about my grandpa. He's in his 80's and half Good Samaritan, half Obnoxious Prankster. He just bought a golf cart to cruise around town in, and he's souping it up with colored lights and giant tires. He claims it's to drive the grandkids around in, but we all know he just likes to invite himself to be in parades. ;) Totally not kidding, lol.

He had a flood over the winter which did a ton of damage to the house, so I've been going back and forth for months helping him get the carpet replaced and put in new cabinets and go through boxes and boxes and boxes. Fun to a point, I really love power tools and ripping shit up and building things, but I'm not a good traveler or leave-the-houser, and some boxes are hard to go through, so that part's exhausting.

Now that it's finally warm enough to open the windows (Or so they say-- the last week has been snow, sleet, hail, rain, and 70's and sunny) it's time to paint. Which I also love, but my real life has been taken over a bit by all the repairs and travel and waiting to travel which is shit for anxiety. Really glad to be spending some quality time with my grandpa, though. Our relationship has changed a lot since my grandma passed away a couple years ago. He swears in front of me now, lol. I don't swear in front of him yet. I'm working on it. ;)

It's funny how different things you go though in life bring different things to the surface when you write. Not subject matter, just ways of looking at things. I was raised by my grandparents most of my childhood, and their house was always a safe place. Seeing it so damaged and helping put it back together when I don't exactly feel qualified to change things and am not a huge fan of change... it's definitely opening up so new brainpaths in books on the boil.

Anyhow, that's my spring and summer, most likely. I'm writing quite a lot and actually enjoying it like I haven't in a really long time, even though I'm a little off kilter. I write scenes in my head a lot before I go to the paper or the computer, and huge blocks of physical labor like painting and sanding and scrubbing are really productive writing times, believe it or not, lol. I am exhausted though. So, for now, I'm just writing and dealing with real life. Publishing is probably looking like mostly a second half of the year thing right now. It's okay. We can make it through, right?

So, what am I working on while Josh & Damon marinate? Good question.

So, last year I made this deal with myself and the gods of baseball. It went something like this: Please, please, please let us win the World Series and I'll totally give Kyle and Juno their HEA next baseball season. And well, I guess the baseball gods really wanted that HEA because here we are.

(Yes, in case you didn't know, I'm a huge Red Sox fan. (OMG we suck this year our pitching is garbage but what else is new.) I think my Boston love is pretty common knowledge, hope I didn't just lose any readers who are Yankee fans, lol, but I understand. You gotta do what you gotta do.)

So, Benched lovers, who have been around longer than anyone else, and I love you all so much, that's what I've got open on my computer right now. And boy is it like coming home to write those guys again. I'm pretty boring, not gonna lie, my hobbies are basically read, write, and wear cool socks, but I fucking LOVE baseball. And baseball players. (And baseball pants, why lie, ya know?) And I really, really love Kyle & Juno.

So, yeah, I've mentioned it a few places already, but that's the reason the Benched series isn't available at the moment. I'm adding... well, lets just say a lot, lol, to the original six parts and finishing out the series. It's going to be fucking massive when it's done, so if you love long books (I LOVE LONG BOOKS) you're going to be very, very happy.

Don't worry, all the other boys are coming back too, (I have not forgotten about Bax & Alex, I promise, and omg their next book is reeeeally coming along and yikes angsty but... sweet? Is that possible?) I have a couple writer friends who are being verrrry bad influences right now encouraging me to write another historical, and I've got a brand new couple of college guys sitting at 110k that I'm slooooowly getting through edits on. But I edit on paper, and stacks of 400 loose pages don't travel so well, so it's a stop and go process lol. But that's coming too. It's gonna be a head down kinda spring and summer to try and accomplish all the things, but I'm feeling pretty good about it for a change.

So, before I ramble on forever, lets wrap this up with things that are upcoming. I have a surprise coming this summer which I can't really talk about since it's a surprise, but you'll probably hear more about it in a couple of months. Just make sure you keep an eye out for my newsletters and you won't miss it. I know, I'm a tease. Sorry! (not sorry)

Next week, April 24th to be exact, is Old School Discipline's third book-iversary. It'll be on sale for 99c for a week to celebrate, and I'll post something about it then. Probably something sappy, but you'll have to wait for it, lol.

The week after that, on May 1, I'll be taking part in the massive annual Spring Stuff Your Kindle Event where a bazillion romance authors give away free books for one day. Again, I'll post about it and send out a newsletter on the day, but heads up Working Out the Kinks and Not So Smart will both be free May 1. They've both been free before, within the last six months, but if you missed it, you get one last chance to grab them! I'm not really in the habit of basically giving away my whole catalog for weeks in a row, lol, but that's how the calendar worked out this year, so cool. Tell your friends. :)

Oh! One more thing. I added a book rec page to the site! I get asked for recs a lot, usually specifically for books that are like mine. Which is sort of hard because, you know, you have no real objectivity about yourself, right? But, anyway, I thought I'd gather up a list of some of my favorite kinky books (and a handful of not-kinky books, even!) and share them. Because these books and authors deserve the love. I probably wouldn't be here without them. Maybe some of them are similar to mine. I mean, I like my books, so that would maybe make sense, right? Anyway, they're good books, lol. You should read some of them if you haven't already!

When I first discovered how diverse books could be when self publishing kicked the fucking door down and everyone got a voice, omg you guys, I can't even tell you. And to find out that people were writing exactly what I wanted to be reading and what I deep down wanted to be writing... dudes, my life changed so fast I'm still catching up to it and that is no lie. So, all the books I've adored during my journey into kinky romance you can find now on the Recs page! (And these are legit recs, I promise. I'll never rec anything I haven't read, and definitely nothing kinkbaity or kinkshamey, no matter how popular it is, because we deserve better and I'm so tired of that stuff.)

Aaaanyway, this is long as hell (because that's my thing, apparently) so I'll stop here for now. Pop back over next week if you want, and listen to me wax poetic about Bax & Alex and drop another 5 Fun Facts on you. It probably won't be this long, but no guarantees. ;)


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