Hi, I'm Misha Horne. I'm a queer, kinky author with anxiety who writes romances about queer, kinky people with anxiety.

You probably came here to learn more about my books. I'd love for you to read them. I think they're pretty great and it's how I make a living. But right now, this is more important.


Look, I know we're all hopelessly exhausted and traumatized by elections at this point. You're not alone. But we're almost there. Please help me support the January 5th Senate run-off races in Georgia. This state turned out for us so fucking hard in this election and now it's time to give right back and help elect Ossoff and Warnock..

Chip in to help flip Georgia

The opportunity for Democrats to control the Senate is so close. It is not exaggerating to say that our rights and our lives hinge on these elections.


If you live in Georgia, thank you, and for the love of everything, please vote. If you aren't registered to vote, there is still time. The voter registration deadline in Georgia is December 7th. Early voting starts December 14th. Elections are held January 5th. Please make sure you're registered to vote in your state at iwillvote.com and that you exercise that right in this election. (And all elections!)


Unfortunately, most of us don't live in Georgia, but we can still help.


Swing Left is a good place to learn more about what's at stake in these elections and see how you can help, even if you don't live in Georgia. It's totally valid to be overwhelmed and confused by run-off races and everything else you're trying to keep up with right now btw. Political education is garbage in this country and people get excited and make a lot of assumptions about what voters already know which isn't helpful to people trying to catch up. That site breaks it down into easily digestible information if you want to do something or learn something but your brain is in chaos.

Remember how I said I have anxiety? I really, REALLY have anxiety. Like even texting voters (fuck, even texting my friends) gives me heart palpitations.  Postcardstovoters.org is made for those of us who don't have the ability to interact with humans on any level, which is fantastic! (Btw, I totally typed that as Postcards to Lovers, thanks romance tropes.)


You can also donate any amount to the Movement Voter Project's Georgia Fund, which supports organizations on the ground doing the work to register and engage with voters. If you're able to donate time and energy, they also have information on volunteering options, including things you can do from home from any state. You can donate directly to the election campaigns at www.WinBigGA.com.


If you only have five extra dollars to spend and were going to buy one of my books, please donate it to one of these places instead. If you have zero dollars to spend, I totally get it. You can still help by spreading the word about the importance of these races and by voting in every eligible election until the end of time to help make this country a safe space for everyone. Thank you so much.

Stay strong, mask up, fight fascism,

Misha Horne

PS- If you're one of those people who likes to say authors shouldn't be political, and you're now upset that I posted on my own website about securing my fundamental rights and the rights of everyone in this country, kindly examine yourself because that is not okay. And then please support these elections. And wear a damn mask.